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Why Choose

ATS Flooring Group?

01. Our History

With a combined number of 110 years in the industry, ATS Flooring Group provides excellent service. The services provided will not only be top quality, but will be done correctly the first time. As the old adage goes, measure twice, cut once; we firmly believe in doing the right thing and taking pride in our product.

02. Our Impact

Our team, from management to installation techs, understand the need to remain professional and discrete while on-site. On every project, our goal is to minimize any inconvenience to your customer and have your installation completed as efficiently as possible.  Our minimal footprint and streamlined installation methods, ensures our services have the smallest impact on your daily operation.

03. Our Team

24-7 we are available & flexible to work around your schedule.  We provide each project with an on-site manager to provide solutions to any situation that might arise. Additionally, we have highly experienced & qualified crews using the industries top quality flooring products.

We place a premium on customer satisfaction.

Your success is our success.

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